Evolution of the bottle Bottle Icon
Much more easier to handle and in more aesthetic form. A blend between modern and traditions, the new Black Ram bottle is here.
Еволюция на бутилката
Чертеж на бутилката
The trendy design is courtesy of one of the worlds renowned design specialists.
Чертеж на бутилката
3D модел на бутилката 3D модел на бутилката
Black ram is even better, outside and inside.
The Legend has a new face BlackRam Icon
stylish and simple monogram
stylish and simple monogram
refreshed brand icon - stylized graphic with modern and bold appearance
Black Ram
The new vision of Black ram is in complete unison with the new trends in the field of industrial design. The modern and simple lines are beautifully combined with the traditional whisky elements.
label and signage
label and signage - the new label of Black Ram breathes confidence, traditions and class
label and signage
Cap with dosеr
Cap with dosеr
BlackRam symbol
Старата бутилка на BlackRam Старата бутилка на BlackRam
New bottle BlackRam New bottle BlackRam
Select a bottle!
Before and After Select a bottle!
Посочи бутилката
the process Select a bottle!
Touch a legend Black Ram Logo
Full whisky experience with a reborn legend.
Touch a legend
New bottle
New bottle
ice bucket Black Ram
Еволюция на бутилката
glass Black Ram
Еволюция на бутилката
glass mats Black Ram
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