Black Ram
Black Ram Blended Whiskey
Blended Whiskey Label
Learn about the origins of Black Ram Whisky
Special Whisky

About Black Ram

The master blenders of Black Ram combine selected fine grain distillates and soft pristine mountain water to create an exquisitely soft flavor with a touch of cocoa, caramel, vanilla and light roasted coffee beans.
Black Ram is pleasant to drink, has a smooth finish and little residual smoke which envelopes its legendary character – aged to perfection, made for everyday whisky lover.
The first piece of the jigsaw puzzle
Black Ram Finest Selection
Finest Black Ram Whiskey Label
Learn about Black Ram Honey, created to be consumed with pleasure and joy
The first piece of the jigsaw puzzle
Blended Whiskey

About Black Ram Black Honey

Black Ram Honey has a mild taste, subtle honey sweetness and notes of vanilla which are appealing to the modern whisky consumer.
Because of its relatively low alcohol volume 35%, the spirit is exceptionally suitable for warm spring and summer nights. It reveals all of its charm when served chilled.
Black Ram Finest Selection Black Ram Blended Whiskey
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